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Skin Care Before and After Laser Hair Removal

before and after care

Hair removal has always been the part of my beauty routine that I liked the least. It’s time consuming and for some people it has to be done several times a week which is less than ideal. Luckily, there are many shaving alternatives these days that offer smoother skin for …

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Rio Salon Laser Hair Remover Review

Rio Salon Laser Hair Remover featured

At-home laser treatments sound like a dream, but we’re seeing more devices on the market that are designed for personal use. The Rio Salon Laser Hair Remover is one of those devices, and it comes at a reasonable price (around £99). While it does work to permanently reduce hair, it …

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Philips Lumea SC2009/00 Review

Philips Lumea SC2009 00 featured

Finding an at-home IPL system that actually works is difficult. That’s why we were a bit skeptical of the Lumea SC2009/00. Yes, it’s from a brand we know and trust – Philips – but with a hefty price tag, we weren’t sure if this model was going to provide that …

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Sminiker Blue Light Hair Removal Review

Sminiker featured

The Sminiker Blue Light hair removal system, also known as the Showliss Pro, is an affordable epilator that’s been on our must-try list for quite some time now. The budget-friendly price was one of the first things that attracted us, but Sminiker calls this a “blue light” epilator, and we …

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Silk n Glide Hair Removal Review

silk n glide featured

One of the biggest issues with at-home hair removal is that many of the devices aren’t compatible with all skin tones. Some also require you to buy replacement cartridges, which can be just as expensive –  or more expensive than – the device itself. Silk n Glide is different in …

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No No Hair Removal Review

no no IPL featured

The No!No! hair removal system comes in a signature pink color and is able to be used to remove unsightly facial and body hair. The ideal choice for all hair types and skin colors, the No No uses Pulsed ThermiconTM Technology to effectively remove hair. And there are three treatment …

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Remington IPL6250 Review

Remington IPL6250 featured

Remington is one of the leading names in the beauty industry, and the company’s products are always known for their quality. When we first heard about the Remington IPL6250, we just had to get our hands on it to give it a try. And we were shocked with the results …

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BabyAnne Laser Hair Removal Device Review

babyanne featured

BabyAnne’s 3-in-1 hair removal device is one of the most robust IPL hair removal epilators I’ve ever used, and this small device is versatile, too. When you choose this model, you’ll receive three different “heads”: Epilation Remove acne Photorejuvenation All of these heads are easily changed out, and more importantly …

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SensiLight Mini Hair Removal Device Review

Detailed Display of SensiLight Mini Hair Removal

Don’t call the SensiLight Mini an at-home IPL device – it’s more than that. In fact, this handheld hair remover uses RPL technology, which takes IPL one step further by constantly monitoring and sensing your skin’s condition, adapting to its needs whenever necessary. After giving this compact hair remover a …

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Me My Elos Syneron Touch Review

Me My Elos Syneron Touch

What’s the one complaint that everyone has about at-home laser hair removal? It’s not compatible with all skin types and colors. Me My Elos Syneron Touch is one of the first long-term hair removal systems that’s compatible with all skin types and hair colors. This system works a little bit …

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