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Emjoi eRase e60 Review

When my old Braun epilator stopped working, I did my research and found the Emjoi eRase e60 seemed to be popular. It’s not a brand I’m familiar with, but it seemed to tick all the boxes for me. So I placed my order and eagerly awaited the post. It arrived pretty fast and now I’ve been using it for a few months I feel it’s time to write my Emjoi eRase e60 review!

So… first impressions…

It’s sturdy. It’s well constructed and feels like it will last a long time. It sits well in the hand and I love the pink colour I opted for, although it does come in other pastel shades too. Everything you need comes in the box with it; power cord, carry case, manual and an extra attachment especially for sensitive areas. There’s also a brush to clean it with. Handy!

Sale Price:$0.00

Emjoi eRase e60 Features

  • 60 tweezers – this means it removes nearly all the hair first time around.
  • Patented 3 disc system and dual opposed heads – stretching the skin for a smoother, less painful experience.
  • Erase Glide Technology – You can choose to glide back and forth or in a circular motion.
  • Dual Speed Control – You can slow it down for more sensitive areas.
  • Suitable for sensitive areas – Use the included attachment for bikini line, underarms etc.

Emjoi eRase e60 Review

Over my six week Emjoi eRase e60 review period I used the device about once a month. I found it very effective at removing hair from the root. My previous epilator wasn’t very good at removing very short hairs, but I hate that stubbly feel of very short hairs, so I was pleased to discover this one got rid of even the tiniest of hairs.

There’s always some pain with epilation. It’s one of those things us ladies just have to put up with, but I did find the pain level with the Emjoi eRase less than with other epilators, so that was a bonus. It was perfect on my legs and worked well on my bikini line and underarms.

Sale Price:$0.00
The shape of the Emjoi makes it easy to grip when you’re working on tricky areas. I also used it on my upper lip, which was a little more difficult, but if you take it slow and just use one side of the head, it does do a good job. This got much easier with practice.


  • Removes even very short hairs.
  • Effectively removes at the root for maximum grow back time.
  • Removes most hairs first time so saves you time.
  • Extra attachment helps with sensitive areas
  • Not too painful to use.
  • Good rugged design that’s easy to use.
  • Choice of colours.
  • A reasonable price for what you get.


  • No option to go cordless.
  • Using on upper lip can take a bit of practice.
  • As with most epilators, it can be a little noisy.

So to conclude my Emjoi eRase e60 review. Overall this is a great product and I’m very happy with it. Obviously I’ve only had it a few months, so I can’t comment on how long it will last, but it does seem robust so I’ve got high hopes for it!

It does everything I need and it does it well without too much pain or any nasty nicks. It works on legs and also sensitive areas so you only need the one gadget for all your hair removal needs. The instruction manual is also very good, and I imagine it would be very useful for anyone new to epilating.

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