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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

There was a time when laser hair removal would cost thousands of dollars. While these numbers are still seen, you won’t pay such a high premium at most locations. If you plan on getting multiple portions of your body treated at one time, you can expect to pay these high prices.

With that said, you will find that the cost of laser hair removal varies depending on a variety of factors:

  • City and country
  • Doctor
  • Area treated

World-renowned clinics and doctors can charge significantly more for their services even if the results are the same. Ultimately, the one factor that will decide the average treatment costs is: treatment area.

Let’s take a look at various parts of the body and the current, average cost of hair removal in these areas.

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Typical Costs

Small areas of the body will be included in the “typical cost” range. These small areas will cost $150 – $500 on average. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons state that the average laser treatment cost in the United States is $429.

Bikini Area

Small in size, the bikini area is a common area for laser surgery. Women that want the hair around their bikini line to be removed can expect to pay $350 – $500 per treatment.

Larger Areas

Mostly seen in men, the back is a large treatment area and will demand a much higher treatment price as a result. Treating the back will cost around $600 – $900. While similar in size, the chest costs dramatically less at $350 – $600 per treatment.

Legs and Arms

The upper and lower legs have around the same treatment price of $600 – $850. This will include the thighs or the calves. Treating both the upper and lower legs at the same time is more cost effective.

The arms range from $350 – $500 on average.

If you want to have your armpits treated, this will be much cheaper at $250 – $350 a treatment.

Face and Neck

The face and neck are sensitive areas, and your doctor must remain extremely cautious not to cause any facial scarring or burning. The treatment price for the face and neck are in line with the price to have your back treated, with an average cost of $600 – $900.

Compared to other hair removal methods, such as waxing, people find that laser removal is a lot less costly than other removal methods, albeit the higher upfront cost.

Payment Alternatives

An elective procedure, insurance will not pay for laser treatments in most cases. You will be responsible for your own payments. Several clinics will offer financing options that will allow you to pay for your treatment over time. This is the best option for anyone struggling to save enough money to have treatment performed.

Many clinics will have a person dedicated to financing to help you determine your best course of action.

Working with a clinic, you’ll find an affordable way to pay for hair removal, or you can opt to go with an at-home hair removal device that is far less costly.


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