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Me My Elos Syneron Touch Review

What’s the one complaint that everyone has about at-home laser hair removal? It’s not compatible with all skin types and colors. Me My Elos Syneron Touch is one of the first long-term hair removal systems that’s compatible with all skin types and hair colors. This system works a little bit differently than the ones we are used to, but the results are phenomenal. We reviewed this product ourselves, and were more than happy with the results.

Sale Price:$449.95

Features & Specs

  • Epilator/shaver combination
  • Compatible with all skin colors and types
  • 126,000-pulse cartridge
  • Works on all body parts, including the face
  • Protective glasses included

Me My Elos Syneron Touch Review

The Me My Elos Syneron Touch system uses elos technology, which is actually a combination of laser and IPL technology. Elos technology combines bi-polar radiofrequency and IPL. The radiofrequency energy is automatically attracted to the hair follicles, which have been preheated with the IPL system. This energy further heats the follicles and treats it, preventing hair growth and disabling the hair follicle.

It sounds complicated, but the system is incredibly easy to use.

According to the manufacturer, this is a dual-action system that not only removes your hair in the long-term, but immediately as well. Epilator and shaver accessories are available, so you can enjoy both instant and long-term results. This was one of the things that we really liked about this system.

And unlike other systems, the Syneron Touch does not require any preparation. You don’t have to shave beforehand, and you don’t have to apply any gel either. Simply glide the device over your skin just as you would a shaver or an epilator.

It’s even safe for use on the face. We removed upper lip hair with ease, and never felt a twinge of pain.

And we couldn’t believe how quick it was to remove hair:

  • Underarms: 1 minute
  • Bikini area: 2 minutes
  • Forearm: 3 minutes
  • Legs: 10 minutes
  • Upper arms: 1.5 minutes
  • Abdomen: 5 minutes
  • Chest: 6 minutes
  • Back: 12 minutes

In 45 minutes or less, you can remove virtually all of the hair on your body, and it will take a while to grow back.

Did we mention that this system is compatible with all skin and hair types and colors? We’ve seen high compatibility with other systems, but this is one of the first models we’ve seen that actually offers full compatibility.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all skin and hair types
  • Cartridges last a while
  • Can be used on all body parts
  • Treatment times are quick
  • Instant results can be achieved with special accessories


  • Epilator and shaver accessories sold separately
The only thing we didn’t like about this system was that you had to purchase the epilator and shaver accessories separately. If you want instant results, you’ll have to spend more money buying these accessories. The system itself is quite expensive, so having to buy more accessories can be frustrating.

Aside from this minor issue, this epilator is one of our favorites. It’s compatible with all skin and hair types, it’s easy to use, and it really does offer long-term hair removal.

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