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No No Hair Removal Review

The No!No! hair removal system comes in a signature pink color and is able to be used to remove unsightly facial and body hair. The ideal choice for all hair types and skin colors, the No No uses Pulsed ThermiconTM Technology to effectively remove hair.

And there are three treatment levels to better remove your hair.

Cordless and rechargeable, this hair remover is able to reach all areas of the body thanks to its cordless design, and it has rave reviews. But how does this model really perform? Let’s find out in our No No Hair Removal review.

Review of the No No Hair Removal System

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When we tried the No!No!, we were skeptical. There are a slew of bad reviews about this product, and it seems to be towards this product not working well on the legs (for people with very pale skin).

And I figured out what went wrong with most of these users.

When using this product on your legs, you need to be in it for the long-term. Most people don’t want to spend money on the cartridge replacements, so they stop treating their legs and don’t see any long-lasting results.

For me, it’s all about the long-term results with any hair removal product.

With that said, I did notice quick results when using it on my:

  • Armpits
  • Arms
  • Bikini line

Minimal results were seen when using the No!No! on my legs for a month, but after two months I did start to notice less hair. If you have some peach fuzz that you want to get rid of quickly, this is a product that will do the trick.

What I will say is that you’ll smell burning hair (like most hair removal devices), and you’ll also need to adjust the angle of the unit to effectively remove your hair. If you’re targeting an area at the wrong angle, you’ll find that no hair is really removed. I recommend smelling for burning hair to ensure that it’s working properly.

There are also three intensity levels, so if you’re not seeing results, change intensity levels to find one that fits your needs best.

It should take six weeks before you really start seeing results, so keep this in mind before giving up on your treatments. While I wouldn’t say this model is as effective as laser hair removal, it is very effective at those pesky underarm and lip areas where fuzz begins to grow.


  • Cordless for easy use
  • Three intensity modes
  • Works great on armpits, upper lip


  • Need to buy cartridges

The real downside of the No No is that you’ll need to buy new cartridges after a while. And this isn’t a cheap investment either. If you’re using this model on small areas of the body, you won’t have an issue with buying cartridges.

But if you do plan on treating your legs, you’ll want to make sure that you budget for extra cartridges.

Effective and easy to use, the No No will provide visible results in just six weeks and will provide rapid results in areas where peach fuzz has begun to grow (i.e. your upper lip). For at-home hair removal, this is a great option.

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