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Silk n Glide Hair Removal Review

One of the biggest issues with at-home hair removal is that many of the devices aren’t compatible with all skin tones. Some also require you to buy replacement cartridges, which can be just as expensive –  or more expensive than – the device itself. Silk n Glide is different in this way. Not only can it be used on darker skin tones, but you’ll never have to replace cartridges again.

While these features are exciting, the million dollar question is this: how well does it work? We gave this hair removal device a try to see if it can really do just as good of a job as other at-home devices.


  • Easy to use
  • No need to buy refill cartridges
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Can be used on darker skin tones
  • Uses both pulsing and gliding to remove hair
  • Hair removal is quick


  • Not compatible with the darkest of skin tones

While this device is compatible with darker skin tones and even tanned skin, you won’t be able to use the Silk n Glide if you have exceptionally dark skin. While this is not uncommon, it is something that should be pointed out.

Our Silk n Glide Hair Removal Review

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The Silk n Glide uses HPL technology to remove hair, which is Home Pulsed Light technology. The great thing about this technology is that it offers a wider spectrum, which allows you to use this device on darker and tanned skin. The reason it can do this is because it operates under much lower energy levels.

Like other at-home hair removal devices, Silk n Glide has built-in safety features that ensure the device only works when pressed against the skin.

The device is so easy to use and virtually painless. We were surprised by how quick our sessions were, and this is due to the glide and pulse technology. It takes about 20 minutes to treat your legs, and less than five minutes for the underarm.

You also have control over the speed of the pulses, or the pause time in between each pulse. The longer the pause, the longer the session, but you can move at a comfortable pace that works for you.

The unit does need to be plugged in during use, and a convenient case is included, so you can store the Silk n Glide when it’s not in use.

Here’s a quick rundown of the device’s features:

Standout Features

  • HPL technology
  • Delivers 150,000 light pulses
  • Can be used on body and face
  • Five energy levels
  • Adjustable speed between 1.5-3.5 seconds in between pulses
  • Can be used on darker complexions
  • No refill cartridges required
  • Can be used after sun exposure
  • Treatment area 3 cm2

So, what were our results like? The Silk n Glide does say that it can deliver permanent hair reduction, but don’t expect to see those kinds of results right away. We did notice that our hair grew back finer and thinner with each use, but we have yet to see permanent results. To be fair, that wasn’t our expectation.

The Silk n Glide removes hair with ease, and you’ll enjoy weeks of smooth, silky skin before you have to repeat another session. And it can be used on a wide range of skin tones. This at-home hair removal device gets our seal of approval.

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