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Sminiker Blue Light Hair Removal Review

The Sminiker Blue Light hair removal system, also known as the Showliss Pro, is an affordable epilator that’s been on our must-try list for quite some time now. The budget-friendly price was one of the first things that attracted us, but Sminiker calls this a “blue light” epilator, and we were curious to find out what that means.

Before we dive into our detailed review, here’s a quick rundown of what we liked and didn’t like:


  • Works with all skin types
  • Two extra tips included
  • LCD screen
  • Works on body and face
  • Pulsed thermicon technology
  • Portable (battery operated)
  • Affordable


  • Can be painful to use at times
  • Still have to shave

We noticed that when the filament got too close to our skin, it was a bit painful. But the pain was short-lived and not a deal-breaker for us by any means.

The only real complaint we had was that we still had to shave after the first few sessions. With that said, the hair started taking longer and longer to grow back after our initial sessions.

Our Sminiker Blue Light Hair Removal Review

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The Sminiker Blue Light hair remover works a lot like the NoNo. It uses pulsating thermicon technology to remove hair. The device heats up the root, and pulls out the hair, so the process is quick and relatively painless.

On the front of the device is an LCD screen that displays the light level and the battery life. There are also two buttons: one for power, and one to adjust the light levels.

We liked that this device was battery operated because we were able to use it wherever and whenever we wanted. You could potentially bring this with you when you travel. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or luggage with ease.

A charger, cable and two buffer pads are included as well as the extra tips and a cleaning brush.

Standout Features

  • Uses thermicon technology
  • LCD display with battery indicator
  • For use on the body and face
  • Includes extra tips: narrow thermicon and wide thermicon
  • Works on all skin types

We have to admit that while this device does cause hair to grow back slower, we did have to shave after the first few sessions. That left us a bit discouraged, but we pressed on and were happy we did.

If you’re thinking of buying the Showliss Pro, just know that you may not get the results you want right away. Give it some time, and your hair will soon take longer to grow back. The lower cost of this device offsets the delayed results.

We do want to point out that this device can be used on any skin tone, which is a major bonus. A lot of at-home hair removal devices (aside from traditional epilators) are not compatible with darker skin tones or hair. But anyone can use this device and enjoy hair-free silky skin.

With all the pros and cons in mind, we’d say that the Sminiker Blue Light hair remover is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable at-home hair removal device.

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