Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (2024)

CALEXICO— Ashley HomeStore Furniture opened its first ever new-concept outlet store with a grand opening with the Calexico Chamber of Commerce at 2600 Rockwood Ave. Saturday, April 2. The ribbon cutting also featured refreshments provided by local businesses, prizes, giveaways, and live music.

According to Ashley HomeStore media contact Carolina Meneses, the Calexico outlet is the first of its kind in a new line of new concept locations. The new store focuses on guest convenience and providing comfortable and quality products, with many of them being ‘grab and go’ so guests can take it home the same day.

“We are so excited to be here this morning and welcome Ashley Outlet to Calexico. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities to welcome new businesses and … we are so grateful that Ashley Outlet chose us, and the Dobbs family chose us to be here in Calexico,” said President of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Calexico, Katie Luna.

Calexico Mayor Pro-tem Camilo Garcia also spoke at the grand opening ceremony and told the audience that this is a time for celebration and for the community to come out and support the Ashley Outlet store. Garcia thanked the Dobbs family in particular for making the decision to open one of their new lines of outlet stores in Calexico.

Ashely Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico



Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (7)



Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (8)



Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (9)

“And of course, the Dobbs family, thank you for believing in our city,” said Garcia. “Thank you for taking the time to do your research and to know that Calexico is here for you to help you succeed and for our community to succeed also,” said Garcia. “I wanted to ask you for a favor, to make sure you go back and tell everyone that you work with that Calexico is open for business.”

The Dobbs family owns and operates many Ashley furnishing locations around the world and were also in attendance at the opening event. Dylan and Ryan Dobbs of Dobbs T.V. & Appliance Partnership Ashley HomeStores, along with their grandfather who started their business 50 years ago, thanked the community for coming out.

“So first of all, every single person here in line, thank you for taking the time for being here this morning, you can be anywhere, but you took the time to be here with us and we appreciate it,” said Dylan Dobbs. “And because you’re here, you make this all happen.”

Dylan Dobbs introduced Anthony Bakken who flew in all the way from Tampa, Florida to be there. Bakken is the director of Licensee Marketing at Ashley HomeStore Retail Headquarters and thanked everyone involved with getting the outlet open.

“Yes, so very excited to be in Calexico. Ashley’s been a big manufacturer of furniture for over 75 years, and we have amazing partnerships throughout the United States, throughout the world with families just like the Dobbs family that own and operate all of our Ashley stores out there,” said Bakken. “And then our new concept of Ashley Outlet, which the goal is to provide the most amazing value for furniture at amazing looks, and I think you’ll see that here today. So, thank you so much for being so welcoming and amazing and we’re looking forward to seeing more of these pop up around this area.”

The Dobbs family, joined by Bakken and members of Calexico City Council and Chamber of Commerce and employees of the new outlet, led the ribbon cutting that officially opened the location for business.

Before the Calexico Jazz Band from Calexico High School led the marching parade into the store, Dylan Dobbs presented members of the band with a donation to their group.

“On behalf of our family, and our Ashley Outlet Calexico store … we’d like to offer this donation to the Jazz Band this morning for being with us and making this event special, so thank you guys,” said Dylan Dobbs.

Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (10)

Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (11)

Ashley Outlet launches new, first-of-its-kind store in Calexico (2024)
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