Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run - 16" x 20" Brushstroke Vignette (2024)

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  • Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run - 16" x 20" Brushstroke Vignette (1)

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Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run - 16" x 20" Brushstroke Vignette

© Disney

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The Brushstroke Vignette collection showcases Thomas Kinkade scenes on canvas textured to capture the exact brushstrokes from Thom’s original painting. Inspired by antique Italian designs, classic frames compliment your artwork with a distressed look and a luxuriously warm finish. Available in either Rich Burl or Burnished Gold, they provide a sophisticated look that will compliment any home decor.

Image Notes

Love is on the run. Pongo and Perdita’s puppies have been freed and are on their way back to London with the help of some incredible friends. Collie and Colonel are ready to assist the puppies on their journey to freedom. Jasper and Horace have noticed Cruella de Vil stealthily skulking behind a nearby tree, plotting a way to recapture the puppies. InDisney 101 Dalmatians on the Run, Thomas Kinkade Studios captures the love of Pongo and Perdita’s family and invites all to root for the puppies on their adventure.

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Image Title

Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run

Product Type

Brushstroke Vignette



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Easter Eggs


Thomas Kinkade Studios

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Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run - 16" x 20" Brushstroke Vignette (2)

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Disney 101 Dalmatians on the Run - 16" x 20" Brushstroke Vignette (2024)
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