First Interstellar Guide Chapter 26: Lu Zexuan’s Decision (2024)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Karai

Deep within the plum forest, a pure white fox was running ahead, while White Eagle spread its wings and followed closely, guarding it under its own wings.

The little white fox ran wildly all the way, trying to run further away, hoping to take this eagle away—its master said that this eagle was powerful but not very smart. If it stayed by Lu Zexuan’s side, it would easily notice Yu Ran’s little tricks of “changing the beams and pillars.” As long as it wasn’t present, the human’s field of vision was limited, and Yu Ran could plan behind Lu Zexuan’s back.

The little white fox ran all the way, too tired, and stopped to catch its breath.

White Eagle hadn’t had enough of flying yet. Seeing the little white fox suddenly stop, it also landed on a plum tree, asking in confusion, “Why did you stop running?”

The little white fox said in a pitiful tone, “…I can’t run anymore, I’m tired.”

White Eagle flapped its wings twice, “From now on, don’t run anymore. I’ll take you flying.” It flew around the plum tree, enlarging its wings to show off its majesty to the little white fox, proudly saying, “My complete form is tens of times what it is now. With my wings spread out, I can cover the entire plum forest! Do you want me to take you flying into the sky to see the scenery?”

The little white fox was speechless.

“I’m afraid of heights, thanks.” Are all Sentinels’ spirit bodies always so silly? My master dislikes sweets, but your master sends cakes every week. I’m afraid of heights, and you want to take me to the sky??

Just then, Yu Ran and Lu Zexuan walked over side by side.

Sensing the little white fox’s unhappiness, Yu Ran said in the mental world, “Well done, you did a good job.”

The little white fox immediately jumped back onto Yu Ran’s shoulder and curled up its tail to rest. White Eagle also shrank its body and flew back to Lu Zexuan’s shoulder, excitedly saying, “Master, I’m so happy today. I ran a whole circle with the little fox in the plum forest. It’s so cute! Its fluffy white tail kept wagging!”

Listening to the noisy voices in his mind, Lu Zexuan said indifferently, “I know you’re happy.”

White Eagle asked, “So when are you going to confess? When are you going to talk to Yu Ran mentally? I want to go see his mental landscape.”

“Stop,” Lu Zexuan interrupted it, “It’s not the time yet, let’s talk about it later.”

White Eagle flew away angrily from its master’s shoulder.

Yu Ran looked up at it, puzzled, “What’s wrong with the big eagle? It doesn’t seem very happy?”

Just as he finished speaking, White Eagle flew back and said to the two of them, “Mrs. Joseph’s stuffed cat is over there.”

Before Yu Ran and Lu Zexuan could turn around and leave, they heard Mrs. Joseph’s voice ahead, “What a coincidence, I saw General Lu’s eagle flying in the sky. I didn’t expect to see you here, Ranran. Are you two… out on a date?”

She glanced at Lu Zexuan, then at Yu Ran, with a complex expression of “parents catching their child dating.”

Yu Ran hurriedly explained, “We’re just taking a walk.”

Lu Zexuan echoed, “Yeah, it’s the weekend today, and both Yu Ran and I are free, so we came out to see the plum blossoms.”

Walking together to see plum blossoms on Valentine’s Day is called “taking a walk”? Are you both looking down on the Director of the Guide Association’s intelligence? Mrs. Joseph raised an eyebrow, didn’t expose them, and looked at Yu Ran, “Ranran, are you getting used to school these days?”

Yu Ran replied, “It’s fine, the teachers take good care of me.”

Watching his earnest and obedient appearance, Mrs. Joseph grew fonder in her heart; she knew Yu Ran was a growing type of guide and would surely have a bright future. The stuffed cat ran over and affectionately rubbed against Yu Ran’s hand. Yu Ran touched its head and asked, “Madam, what brings you to the park today?”

Mrs. Joseph smiled, “Today is Valentine’s Day, and my husband happens to be on vacation, so I dragged him out for some fresh air.”

Just then, a sturdy male lion came running from the other side, its figure agile, and its dense fur shining with a dazzling golden color—the S-class sentinel spirit body Lion King, whose appearance alone exerted immense pressure on people. The little white fox hid behind Yu Ran in fear, and White Eagle hurried over to protect it.

A burly man walked out from deep within the plum forest, his golden eyes scanning Yu Ran up and down, then turning to Lu Zexuan.

Lu Zexuan saluted seriously, “General.”

The man returned his salute, “What a coincidence, are you also here to admire the plum blossoms?”

Mrs. Joseph laughed, “There aren’t many places you can go in the Capital Star in winter. It’s not surprising to run into each other. Don’t make the atmosphere so tense.”

The man’s gaze softened as he looked at Yu Ran, “I’ve heard Madam mentioned you. You’re Yu Ran?”

Yu Ran’s face stiffened slightly, nervously clenching his fingers and lowering his head, “Yes.”

The man didn’t ask any further and turned to Mrs. Joseph, “Let’s go, our son should be home soon.”

Mrs. Joseph waved to Yu Ran, “Well, we’ll be going now. You two enjoy your stroll.”

Yu Ran replied, “Goodbye, Madam.”

It wasn’t until the two of them disappeared into the end of the plum forest that Yu Ran breathed a sigh of relief. Lu Zexuan looked at him and whispered comfortingly, “Don’t be nervous. That sentinel just now was Mrs. Joseph’s husband, General Otis, the Legion Commander of the Federal Sunday Legion. I rarely see him around, too.”

Yu Ran was speechless.

Military affairs were very complicated; there were many power struggles and intrigues among the four major legions, and remote garrisons were influenced by local officials and even bribes. Although the Federation appeared calm and prosperous on the surface, there were many unstable factors beneath the surface.

Since the sentinel rebellion over two hundred years ago, the Presidential Palace had never completely trusted the military, and a special elite force was established to protect the Capital Star.

These things were too complicated for Yu Ran, who was still young, to explain at once.

Lu Zexuan said, “We’ll talk about the four major legions another time when we have the chance. This isn’t the place for chatting.”

Yu Ran’s eyes brightened—apparently, Lu Zexuan’s suspicions of him had been completely dispelled. Otherwise, how could Lu Zexuan talk to him, an 18-year-old student from the Guide Academy, so much about military matters? It was obviously to get him to become an eagle legion guide and to provide him with this knowledge.

Yu Ran seized the opportunity and said, “After I graduate from the Sanctuary, I definitely want to attend the military academy. After I graduate from the academy, can I freely choose which legion to join?”

Lu Zexuan said, “Of course.”

Blushing, Yu Ran asked softly, “I want to join your Eagle Special Forces and be your attached guide. Is that possible?”

Lu Zexuan looked at his shy and earnest appearance, feeling a slight flutter in his heart—if only he could have a dedicated guide, wouldn’t that be great? It was the dream of many sentinels.

White Eagle excitedly let out a melodious cry in the air, and Lu Zexuan’s mood inexplicably improved. He looked at Yu Ran, his voice carrying a gentleness he hadn’t noticed, “I will seriously consider this matter. However, the missions of the Eagle Special Forces are usually quite dangerous…”

Yu Ran firmly said, “I’m not afraid of danger. Besides, I’m an orphan, with no ties, being able to do something with my own strength, I think it’s great.”

Lu Zexuan stared at Yu Ran intently—it was the first time he looked at Yu Ran as an equal. No suspicion, no probing. Instead, careful consideration of whether the person in front of him could become a comrade-in-arms who fought side by side and shared life and death.

Yu Ran came from a poor background, and his mental energy was currently only at the C level. But for some reason, Lu Zexuan saw a kind of toughness in his eyes. A resilience that was not afraid of adversity or death. Seemingly slender and weak, but actually intelligent and strong—this was Lu Zexuan’s reassessment of Yu Ran. Yu Ran had the potential to be a soldier, and if nurtured properly, he would surely become an excellent guide to the military.

Suddenly, Lu Zexuan’s mental landscape brightened, and the clouds that had been hanging over his heart for some time finally dissipated completely. He had made a decision; he would submit an application to his father, citing the special reason of “guide family members accompanying the troops,” to transfer Yu Ran to the Eagle Special Forces.

With Yu Ran’s learning progress, he would be able to master all the techniques for treating sentinels in a few months. Then, with Mohr’s guidance, he should quickly adapt to medical work on the Eagle starship. In future missions, Yu Ran would be able to accompany him.

White Eagle exclaimed excitedly, “It’s about time you brought him by your side! So, the result of your two months of rational thinking is the same as when I first saw the little white fox and wanted to be with it, right?”

Lu Zexuan was speechless.

Although the result was the same, he had reasons for frequently testing Yu Ran over the past two months. He couldn’t hastily bring a stranger as a guide to the Eagle Special Forces. The principle of “trust those you use, doubt those you don’t” was his rule as a Captain.

The two of them wandered in the plum forest all afternoon. In the evening, Lu Zexuan treated Yu Ran to dinner and then sent him back to the Guide Academy.

On the way back to the White Tower, Lu Zexuan’s communicator suddenly received a message, “General Lu, you are invited to the Annual Charity Gala at Twin Palace on Saturday, March 6, in the year 500 of the Star Calendar. The invitation has been sent to your residence. You may bring family members or a companion. We look forward to your presence.”

Lu Zexuan was speechless.

The charity gala was a large event held in the Capital Star every year, attended by many military executives, government officials, and business celebrities. The host of the gala was Mrs. Adeline, with an Orchid Mantis as the spirit body, the richest woman in the Federation, also known as the Mantis Queen. Her consortium managed a large number of private enterprises in the Federation, and Twin Palace was personally designed and built by her in the Capital Star, surpassing imagination in luxury.

In previous years, Lu Zexuan always attended the gala alone. While others danced in pairs, he could only watch from the sidelines. This year, he could finally bring a companion.

Thinking of this, Lu Zexuan sent a message to Yu Ran, “Do you have time on Saturday, March 6?”

In the dormitory of the Guide Academy, Yu Ran saw the message and smiled slightly.

Lu Zexuan, thank you, sincerely. You finally want to take me to the gala.

Yu Ran replied, “We don’t have classes on Saturday, so unless something unexpected happens, I should be free.”

Lu Zexuan asked, “Can you accompany me to a gala?”

Yu Ran asked worriedly, “Is this gala important to you? I’ve never attended such an event before. Is there anything I need to pay attention to?”

Lu Zexuan replied, “It’s not that important. You don’t need to feel any pressure. Just stay by my side when the time comes.”

First Interstellar Guide Chapter 26: Lu Zexuan’s Decision (2024)
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