Hybrid® Bird Enclosures (2024)

Hybrid® Bird Enclosures (1)

Not Your Everyday Bird Cage

The Hybrid® Cage is a culmination of hand-picking the best materials for each functional piece of the enclosure.

The front doors are clear acrylic so you and your birds can see one another. The top and sides are stainless steel wire mesh so there’s more airflow and no damage from chewing. You may also add a custom background (depending on your design) for more depth and personality.

Every situation is unique, so we let you customize your entire Hybrid® Enclosure. Only this way, can you create the perfect environment for your pets!

Configure Your Own Hybrid Bird Cage!

Our Bird Cage Specials

Give your pet room to stretch! Hybrid® Bird Cages offer plenty of space for birds and other small animals.

Plus, any enclosure can be equipped with:

  • Pull-out floors, making clean-up a breeze!
  • Optional pull-out dividers to separate an enclosure and house multiple birds
  • A hood for overhead lighting and/or a stand for storing your supplies

Multiple Color Choices

Hybrid® Bird Cages come in Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak, and Prestige Maple.
Hybrid® Bird Enclosures (4)

Hybrid® Bird Cages for Commercial Use

If you want a bird enclosure in your office, nursing home, zoo, museum exhibit, hotel lobby, etc., contact us to learn more about commercial aviaries!

Learn more about our cage materials.

Learn more about our many custom options.

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  • Sale!HB01 Bird Cage 72″H x 144″L x 48″D H3$7,461.50 – $13,031.12Select options
  • Sale!HB02 Bird Cage 72″H x 144″L x 36″D H3$6,261.70 – $11,201.73Select options
  • Sale!HB03 Bird Cage 72″H x 96″L x 48″D H3$5,316.99 – $9,276.71Select options
  • Sale!HB04 Bird Cage 72″H x 96″L x 36″D H3$4,440.21 – $7,965.69Select options
  • Sale!HB05 Bird Cage 60″H x 60″L x 36″D H3$2,609.51 – $6,821.83Select options
  • Sale!HB06 Bird Cage 48″H x 72″L x 36″D H3$2,421.53 – $6,945.34Select options
  • Sale!HB07 Bird Cage 72″H x 48″L x 48″D H3$3,173.49 – $6,499.84Select options
  • Sale!HB08 Bird Cage 72″H x 48″L x 36″D H3$2,621.75 – $6,105.58Select options
  • Sale!HB09 Bird Cage 72″H x 48″L x 24″D H3$2,018.49 – $4,601.22Select options
  • Sale!HB10 Bird Cage 60″H x 48″L x 36″D H3$2,300.23 – $5,720.07Select options
  • Sale!HB11 Bird Cage 60″H x 48″L x 24″D H3$1,776.28 – $4,874.33Select options
  • Sale!HB12 Bird Cage 48″H x 48″L x 36″D H3$1,910.24 – $5,352.93Select options
  • Sale!HB13 BIRD CAGE 48″H X 48″L X 24″D H3$1,534.06 – $4,546.81Select options
  • Sale!HB14 Bird Cage 36″H x 36″L x 24″D H2$880.94 – $3,058.88Select options
  • Sale!HB15 Bird Cage 30″H x 30″L x 18″D H2$631.08 – $2,560.63Select options
  • Sale!HB16 Bird Cage 24″H x 48″L x 24″D H2$813.97 – $3,181.63Select options

Hybrid® Bird Cage - The Most Versatile Bird Enclosure on the Planet

Custom Cage Experience

Custom Bird Cage Experience

Trusted by Jack Hanna, humane societies, and zoos, nationwide. Featured on Extreme Home Makeover, Pimp My Ride, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Over 20 years of operation, no one has sold more build-to-order animal enclosures than us!More Info

Hand Crafted in the USA

Bird Cages Hand Crafted in the USA

As a family-owned and operated business, we're a relatively small, close-knit team, proud that our customers worldwide can create the ultimate habitat for their pets. Our team crafts each enclosure right here in the USA, with materials bought from many suppliers close to our facility in Neenah, Wisconsin.More Info

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable Bird Cages

Design your enclosure's size, panel material, hood or stand, and add or remove dividers, feeders, seed catchers, and more! Each cage is built one at a time to each customer's specifications. You can even select one cage size now and purchase extra panels later to make it bigger. If you expect your needs to change over time, you can modify a Hybrid® Cage instead of buying a brand-new cage! Call us during business hours and we'll walk you through the customization process!More Info

Durable Pet Safe Caging

Durable, Pet Safe Materials

All Hybrid® Bird Cages come standard with crimp lock, stainless steel wire (not welded or powder coated), purchased in the USA. This material is free of toxic coatings, stronger than carbon or standard steel, never rusts, chips, or corrodes. To learn more about our materials, please visit our material info page.More Info

Advanced Design

Advanced, Computer Generated Enclosure Design

We worked tirelessly to optimize our Hybrid® Cage system. We've consulted dozens of engineers, tested countless prototypes and materials, used computer-generated strength analysis, and spent thousands of hours ensuring it has the proper strength, durability, and functionality. We invented the design, have proprietary patents, and own the tooling, so nobody else can copy our Hybrid® Enclosures.More Info

Interchangeable Panels

Interchangeable Bird Cage Panels

Any front, back, side top, or bottom can be made of acrylic, glass, stainless steel wire, thermofused laminate, aluminum laminate, or perforated aluminum. Each panel is interchangeable and can be switched or replaced without purchasing a new enclosure!More Info

Hybrid® Cage Standard Features

Standard Features

Standard Bird Cage Features

We design our bird enclosures with stainless steel wire top and sides, acrylic fronts, and laminate back and floor with your color choice. This is intended for air flow and climbing surfaces on the sides and top. Great viewing space in the front and a classy look in the back.More Info

Modular and Transportable

Modular and Transportable Bird Cages

We understand how difficult it can be to transport and build a large enclosure. For this reason, Hybrid® Bird Cages can be taken down and reassembled many times. Very few enclosures offer this feature and it can save you the cost of a new cage down the road.More Info


Hybrid® Bird Enclosures (29)

Expandable Bird Cage Systems

Many handlers buy several enclosures throughout the life of their birds. With a Hybrid® Bird Enclosure, you can purchase one size now and save money by adding on to it later!


Stackable Bird Cages, Hoods, and StandsOur cage system is completely stackable without buying expensive rack equipment. Our corner joint system has pin slots molded in to stack and lock multiple enclosures together. This also allows hoods and stands to be interchangeable with the entire bird cage. Use the same pin slot to install casters at the bottom of the enclosure.More Info

Easy Assembly

Easy Bird Cage AssemblyAll of our enclosures require assembly. The cage comes with an allen wrench to secure the frame members together. The only other tool required is a #1 Phillips-head screwdriver. For larger units, we recommend two or more people to assemble the large frame or panel members. We also have live support available during business hours to answer any questions.More Info

Our Standard Options

Aluminum Framework

Aluminum Bird Cage FrameworkHybrid® Cages are made of anodized aluminum to resist denting, scratching, and corrosion. H2 Hybrids are designed with medium to small birds in mind, while H3 Hybrids have much thicker and more heavy-duty materials, designed for stronger, larger birds.More Info

Corner System

Revolutionary Bird Cage Corner SystemA revolutionary corner joint and wedge system allows easy assembly and stackability. Also makes the addition of pull-out floors or casters a breeze! The corner system is our invention for this specific application. These parts are designed to withstand extraordinary force without breaking and make for easy and safe assembly/dissassembly.More Info

Interlocking Doors

Interlocking Bird Cage DoorsKeeps animals in and people out! Security was a top priority when designing our enclosure. Our frame and locking system address this issue thoroughly. We also invented a proprietary locking system, making it nearly impossible to slide them open when properly locked. The lock is keyed and placed outside the acrylic doors, meaning your bird doesn't have access to the locking mechanism. This also comes in handy for public applications like pet stores, zoos, or museums where keeping people out is as important as keeping animals in.More Info

More Custom Options

Hoods and Stands

Bird Cage Hoods and StandsA hood is an excellent way to add vibrant light to your cage without looking at unsightly fixtures. Hoods, like the one above, give a finished look to your Hybrid® Bird Cage, making it a centerpiece in your home. Stands are a great place to keep bird supplies such as food, toys, and treats.More Info

Bird Cage Floors, Trays, LinersOur pull-out floors are easy to remove without opening the enclosure door (A feature most of the comp doesn't have). Pull-out trays are made of molded ABS plastic or an extruded aluminum frame and aluminum laminate bottom to make them easy to clean and safe from the elements. Pull-out floors come with many wire sizes making it impossible for your bird to get to the mess in the tray. Our tray system interlocks and fastens securely to the bottom of your cage. Disposable pull-out tray liners are also available to make cleanup a breeze!More Info

Removable Dividers

Removable Bird Cage DividersAdd removable dividers to any Hybrid® Bird Enclosure. The divider allows you to partition your cage for multiple birds, without buying several cages.More Info

Cage Covers

Hand-Made Birdcage CoversCage covers provide a dark environment to promote sleep and relaxation. Made of a lightweight, non-toxic poly-cotton fabric, our covers are durable and machine washable!More Info

Custom Backgrounds

Custom Bird Cage Image BackgroundsImages are printed, laminated to the back of your cage, and covered with a protective, clear material to resist moisture, scratching, and UV light. Each backdrop is high resolution and will be cropped to fit your enclosure. You have 40+ backgrounds to choose from, or you can request a custom image for your Hybrid® Bird Enclosure.More Info

Friendly Feeders

Friendly Feeders for BirdcagesFriendly Feeders® are externally mounted to eliminate waste and cross-contamination of food and water. Simply slide out the dish from outside the cage to replenish food, water, or treats. It's also dishwasher safe!More Info

Seed Catchers

Bird Cage Seed CatchersOur seed and aggregate catcher can be clipped to any panel with 1/2" wire or larger. Debris falling within 4" of the cage will be collected into the seed catcher. Then, simply unclip the catcher to dispose of it. Seed catchers are sold by the foot and cut to the length for the enclosure panels.More Info

LightingMore Info

Hanging ToysMore Info

PerchesMore Info

Bird ToysMore Info

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Hybrid® Bird Enclosures (2024)


Are acrylic bird cages good? ›

While there are exceptions, most acrylic cages have a lot of issues. They do not provide enough climbing exercise, and even those designed with slots do not have as many opportunities for the bird to exercise as a traditional cage. Ventilation is not adequate and can cause condensation and other problems.

What is the difference between an aviary and a bird cage? ›

Unlike a cage that opens directly to an open area, aviaries have a safety enclosure meaning that if a bird escapes, it will be restricted to this area making it easy for owners to get it back in the main enclosure.

How big should a bird enclosure be? ›

Birds use the width of their cage more than they use the height, and the cage should be twice the width of the bird's wingspan.” Bird Cage Portal and Kings Cages have the exact same recommendation on their websites: "At the very minimum the width of the cage should be 1-1/2 times as wide as your bird's wingspan.

What is an indoor bird sanctuary called? ›

An aviary is a large enclosure for confining birds, although bats may also be considered for display.

Is acrylic plastic toxic to birds? ›

So, household items like plastic bottle caps, kids drinking cups, drinking straws, etc. are all chemically safe! There are a wide variety of plastics used in bird toys including acrylic, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC. The physical characteristics of these plastics ranging from very soft to very hard.

What is the best material for a bird cage? ›

Stainless steel is the safest, most durable, toxic-free, easiest to clean cage material available. If you can afford a stainless steel cage, it will be the best cage investment you can make.

Where not to put a bird cage? ›

You should not keep your birdcage in forbidden spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. If you put your cage in kitchen, the temperature can get too hot for them, moreover the gasses from kitchen can be dangerous. Other factors include flames and dangerous appliances make the kitchen perfidious for any bird.

Are birds happy in aviaries? ›

Flying in an aviary is more appropriate for a bird than flying around indoors, and less damaging to our nerves and furniture. The health benefits of fresh air sunlight rain and audible stimuli of wild birds are well known. The activity rate of a bird in an aviary compared to being in a cage is ten fold.

Is it inhumane to keep birds in cages? ›

Life in captivity is often a death sentence for birds, who may suffer from malnutrition, an improper environment, loneliness, and the stress of confinement. Birds are meant to fly and be with others of their own kind in a natural environment. Confinement causes birds to have temper tantrums and mood swings.

Do birds prefer tall or wide cages? ›

Cage Size and Shape

Surprisingly, the width of the cage is more of a concern than the height. Choose a cage that is a minimum of twice as wide as your bird's wingspan. A cage for multiple birds should be even more spacious.

Should a bird cage be wide or tall? ›

The Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) says that bird cages need to be at least wide enough to accommodate stretched wings, but tall enough for long tailed birds. The bird needs enough room to be able to walk around and flap its wings vigorously without hitting them on anything.

Is a bigger cage better for birds? ›

“When purchasing a bird, consider its wingspan; the cage you house the bird in should be at least twice the bird's wingspan in width, length, and depth.” the bird's natural wing span in all directions. Ideally all birds should have cages/aviaries large enough to accommodate flight.”

How do I make my backyard a bird sanctuary? ›

Here are some steps YOU can take to help birds:
  1. Plant native plants. Many invasive species originally started out as garden plants that escaped. ...
  2. Provide fresh water. ...
  3. Keep cats indoors. ...
  4. Place decals on windows. ...
  5. Install a bird feeder in the winter (and take it down in the spring) ...
  6. Spread the word!
Jul 16, 2019

What birds can I keep outside? ›

If you live in a populated area, you might want to consider some of the less raucous species, such as lovebirds, budgies, Australian parakeets, African greys, Poicephalus, rosellas, Eclectus, plum-headed parakeets, Indian ringnecks or African ringnecks, Brotogeris or lories/lorikeets, as aviary birds.

What is a room with birds called? ›

aviary, a structure for the keeping of captive birds, usually spacious enough for the aviculturist to enter.

Are acrylic bird cages soundproof? ›

As outlined previously as a recommended DIY material, acrylic sheeting makes for exceptional pre-built bird cage construction due to its durability, safety and noise blocking qualities.

What is the safest cage for birds? ›

Stainless steel is the safest, most durable, toxic free, easiest to clean cage material available. If you can afford a stainless steel cage it will be the best cage investment you can make.

Can birds see plexiglass? ›

No. While birds have binocular vision, they do not see the world as mammals do. They also perceive colours differently. Birds can't see glass.

Is acrylic yarn safe for birds? ›

While common advice used to say that yarn was safe to put out for birds, we now know that advice is outdated. Yarns are not always made of natural materials (e.g., acrylic or nylon), and even wool and cotton skeins may be treated with chemicals or dyes that can harm the delicate skin of nestlings.

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