Read When His Eyes Opened novel Chapter 285 (2024)

Chapter 285

Avery slammed the door and locked it from within.

Mike saw that the argument had ended. He immediately took Shea out of the children’s room.

“Hey! Foster!” Mike had initially wanted to stand up for Avery.

Elliot glared at him warningly, “Shut up!”

Mike held his tongue. He saw Elliot walking over to Shea and taking her away.

It was drizzling when they exited the villa. Elliot took off his jacket and draped it over Shea’s head.

When they entered the car, Shea was hugging his jacket. She looked at the villa.

Elliot put on the safety belt for her and said hoarsely, “Shea, stop looking.”

“Big Brother, I‘m sorry...” Shea said. Tears streamed down her face.

“Shea, you did nothing wrong. You don‘t have to apologize to anyone.” Elliot raised his hands and wiped the tears away from the corner of her eyes.

Shea cried, “Big Brother, it was me. I was afraid of the surgery, so I ran away. I was the one who begged Hayden to take me away...”

She had not dared to tell him the truth earlier on, however, at that moment, she had finally found the courage to tell the truth.

Elliot’s mind was suddenly filled with Avery‘s cold gaze. Why did she not explain herself? Could it be that she felt pleasure by infuriating him?

“Big Brother, don‘t blame Avery. She treats me well. I was feeling terrible when I was sick. She was the one who cared for me.” Shea choked. She remembered the scene from that night.” She gave me an injection. Avery is amazing...”

Elliot took a tissue to wipe her tears away. He swallowed. “You got Hayden to take you back to his place, then you got sick. Avery treated you. What happened then? Was she the one who sent you to the hospital?”

Shea looked at Elliot with tears in her eyes. “I don‘t remember anymore. I only remember that Avery treated me very well. She was not like tonight. She is not a bad person.”

“She called you an idiot, aren’t you angry?” Elliot‘s eyes were pricked with tears. The thought of it still broke his heart.

He knew that Avery was not a bad person, but what she said hurt him deeply. In the years they

were children, Shea‘s condition was not as bad as it currently was. Her current condition was a result of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of their father.

He would never let anyone else bully Shea!

Shea’s eyes were red. She shook her head. “You got Dr. Sanford to treat me. Isn‘t that because I’ m an idiot?”

Elliot hugged Shea tightly. He choked, “Shea, no! You‘re not an idiot. I‘m asking Dr. Sanford to treat you so that you can experience more of the beauty of this world—“.

“Because I’m an idiot, I‘m not smart enough. Big Brother, I‘m an idiot. Avery is not wrong. I’m not angry. You don’t have to get angry too, please?” pleaded Shea.

When Elliot heard his sister‘s soft and gentle pleas, he caved in. He gripped the steering wheel with one hand. He looked out the window. Tears fell silently from his eyes.

“There‘s nothing wrong with being an idiot.” Shea hugged his jacket and took a deep breath. She said to herself, “As long as Big Brother is with me all the time, I can always be an idiot.”

Elliot‘s lips moved a little, but he said nothing. He must cure his sister. She will not stay an idiot forever!

In the villa, Avery was lying on her bed in pain. She felt as if there were no difference between living and dying. She should not have been this agitated. She could have properly explained it to him, but she did not do it!

She had failed to do so because he had not confronted her with the right intentions. From the moment he had entered her house, he had never looked her in the eye, nor did he have the patience to listen to her explanations.

He had come over this night only to find fault with her! This was her house, why did she have to be wronged here!

Avery picked up her pillow and covered her face. She was filled with regret! She should not have called Shea an idiot. How was that any different than Elliot immediately assuming that she kidnapped Shea? How could she insult Shea because of Elliot‘s hurtful words? However, it was too late. She heard the sound of the car roaring to life outside her window.

Read When His Eyes Opened novel Chapter 285 (2024)
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