Six Top Rated Wall Mounted Fish Tanks to Buy in 2020 (2024)

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Since we tend to mount paintings on the walls, it’s pretty much inevitable that someone would figure out how mount a TV onto a wall as well. Tech people managed to do that before they came up with flat screens.

And wouldn’t you know it; people then began talking about mounting aquarium tanks too. And that’s not a joke a tall, as you can actually geta wall mounted fish tank, especially if you’re online. There’s no need to actually figure out how to mount your conventional aquarium onto a wall by yourself.

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So which one should you get? That’s up to you and it depends a lot on your budget and personal preferences. But you may want to start your search with the following models:


Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium

Why are Australians dominating this niche in the aquarium industry? I don’t know so right now it’s one of the mysteries we have to live with.

This one has a retail price that is mind-boggling. Fortunately, some sellers realized that such a price is detrimental to sales, so some sellers are offering them at a more reasonable price in websites like Amazon, and that even comes with free shipping.

And you get a lot for your money. The design is quite eye-catching, starting with that wide frame that really directs everyone’s attention to the tank inside. It measures 35.4" x 17.5" x 4.5"s and weighs 34 pounds. Inside, it holds 5 gallons of water.

You also get a nice multi-purpose submersible water filter, and a lighting fixture and a removable lid. Both the light and the lid have been customized to fit properly with the aquarium’s dimensions. That goes for the marine background that’s quite colorful. You also get a siphon hose, a fish net, and a set of grabber tongs when it’s time to clean the tank.

Of course, once again we need to remind you that the dimensions of the tank limit your fish options. We’ll keep saying this, because so many people complain about it. That’s not really the fault of the manufacturer. It’s a design limitation inherent among wall-mounted tanks. It’s like complaining that flat TVs have lousy sound—you can’t give a 1-star rating to a TV model because of this, since you’re basically giving a 1-star rating to an entire type of TV.

Since it’s cheap, you will have to do without the automatic feeder. But I suggest you get one on your own.


  • Quite affordable, considering its dimensions.
  • It’s also very reliable.


  • It doesn’t have the amenities you may want, so you need to get an automatic feeder to make your life simpler.


Bayshore Aquarium Small Round Porthole Wall Aquarium

As the name suggests, this Bayshore aquarium isn’t so much like you’re watching a TV screen as it’s like gazing out of a porthole on a ship or a submarine. So there’s this subtle implication that there’s a whole oceanic world around the wall, and the aquarium is just giving you a small glimpse of the wonders beyond the wall.

It also helps that it really looks great with its brushed aluminum plated frame.

It’s very easy to mount, and part of that is because it isn’t bulky at all as it measures 22 inches across and 4.5 inches deep. It also only weighs 17 pounds, as the material for the frame is much lighter than stainless steel, although it’s also resistant to corrosion.

The glass of the aquarium is made from safe tempered glass, and you don’t have to worry about its ability to hold the water as the glass is 5 mm thick. And besides, the dimensions of the tank mean that it’s just enough for about 2 to 3 gallons of water in the aquarium.

It comes with a complete kit, which includes a robust submersible filter for numerous functions and a custom-fitted lighting fixture. Inside there’s also a great looking background denoting the Australian Great Barrier Reef. You’ll have to plug this aquarium in to activate the lights and other equipment.

The glass lid is removable, of course. To clean it, you also get a siphon hose to remove the water in a few seconds, a grabber with an “easy grip” for the plants and items inside, a fishnet to gather in your fish, a scrubber with a handle, and even an algae cleaner.

You also get the mounting kit with all the hardware you need, plus a manual with all the mounting and maintenance instructions.


  • It’s very inexpensive.
  • It really is beautiful, and its exotic design is a real conversation piece.
  • It’s also very easy to mount.


  • You only have enough space for a few (or even just one) small fish.
  • It can get a bit tedious feeding the fish and cleaning the tank manually.


Bayshore Aquarium Rectangular Wall Aquarium

Fortunately, Bayshore doesn’t confine itself to just making porthole wall mounted tanks too. That just makes good business sense, since just about everyone in the world is conditioned to stare at a rectangular TV, computer, or smartphone screen.

Which makes me wonder why no one has ever designed a round TV—but then I realized that making films and shows for such screens can be rather bothersome. Anyway, I digress.

This rectangular aquarium is available in medium or large. With the medium, you get measurements of 34 x 4.5 x 23 inches and a 35-pound eight. The large version measures 47.5 x 4.5 x 25 inches and weighs 54 pounds. The larger 9-gallon version tends to be out of stock a lot.

This aquarium can be made with safe tempered glass that measures 5 mm thick, or you can opt for the bubble acrylic version. Like the porthole tank, it also comes with a kit that includes a multi-functional filter, a lighting fixture, removable glass, siphon hose, a scrubber with a handle, a Great Barrier Reef background (it’s made by an Australian company, so just be patient with this particular fixation), a grabber with an “easy grip” for the plants and items, a fish net, and all the hardware and instructions you need to mount it. With the glass versions, you also get the algae cleaner.

Now the real good news about this rectangular version is that it comes with an automatic feeder, which really makes the fish upkeep much easier for you. There’s also a hidden 4-outlet adapter, so it doesn’t mar the effect of the visuals presented by the aquarium.


  • With the fish, the lights, and the background décor, it really looks stunning.
  • The automatic feeder is a godsend as it really simplifies daily feedings for you.
  • It works reliably.


  • What you need to keep in mind is that inside the tank, the dimensions are much smaller. The width seems like it is only 3 inches, so that really limits the kind and number of fish you can put inside. Cleanup also becomes more difficult, since you won’t be able to get your arm down to the bottom.
  • Because it is so narrow, you’ll also need to pay attention to oxygenation issues.


Wall Mounted Aquarium 8 Gallon

This wall fish tank is from Jersey Home Décor. It’s an 8-gallon tank that measures 48 by 18 inches, and it protrudes by about 4.5 inches from the wall.

It’s very eye-catching, and that’s partly because the stainless steel borders are very wide and prominent. But it’s also because you can change the lights.

It mounts to the wall, but you can call up the manufacturer for some advice if you want to recess it into the wall. It has just about everything you need, including the mounting brackets.

It also comes with filters, light fixtures, and even cleaning tools. You even get a remote control for the various lights.​


  • It looks absolutely stunning.
  • You can use this for saltwater or freshwater.
  • You can start using this immediately just by putting in your water and some hardy fish.
  • It comes with a built in power box that can handle up to 4 outlets. So since you already have the lights and the filter, you can also hook up a wave maker and a heater.
  • Maintenance is so easy that you won’t need to remove it from the wall at all. Just run the filter 24/7 and clean it every month or so. Just add some extra water to top off evaporation, and perhaps you can change about 2 gallons of water or so every week. And even when you wish to seriously clean it, you won’t have a problem taking it down. It weighs less than 50 pounds.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.
  • The price is actually reasonable.


  • With the plugins, sometimes the wires can be a bit distracting.


Aussie Aquariums Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium

Now this is the bigger cousin of the one we just mentioned above. And of course, bigger means more expensive.

On the outside, this measures 18 x 6 x 71 inches while the actual tank measures 15.7 x 4.5 x 69 inches. It holds 11.5 gallons of water and it weighs 59 pounds.

It really looks great, as it comes with a light fixture, brushed aluminum plate for the frame, and even 3 interchangeable marine backgrounds (rock, blue sea, and sea life). For the frame, you can also choose among gold, copper, and black options instead of the silver.

You also get the standard submersible water filter with multiple functions, along with a siphon hose, grabber tongs, and fish net. You also get the mounting brackets with the needed instructions.


  • This really looks great. The effect is marvelous, and everyone who sees it will enjoy it. With lots of decorative options to choose from, you really can pick one that goes well with your interior design.
  • There’s no real difficulty when you mount it, as long as you follow the directions.


  • It’s quite expensive, especially when you consider that it doesn’t even have the convenient automatic feeder.


Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

This one is a true premium model, and that’s reflected in the price tag. But thanks to kind-hearted sellers, you can get it for more“reasonable” prices.

But if you can afford it, this one is a keeper.

It measures 70.1 x 5.9 x 23.6 inches and weighs 130 pounds.

You’ve got everything here, including an automatic feeder, a heater, an air pump, and dual filtration. You even have a carbon dioxide generator for the live plants inside.


  • The discounted price is actually reasonable, since everything you need is included so maintenance becomes simple.
  • It’s already pre-assembled, so all you need to do is mount it.
  • Maintenance only requires 15 minutes a month.


  • If something goes wrong, don’t even think about asking the customer support for help. There’s supposed to be a 1-year warranty, but just about everyone who has interacted with the customer support people have reported negative dealings.

There you have it. Pick one that fits your budget, and make sure you’re able to fit it in if you live in an apartment. And again, you better understand the challenges that come with such a narrow design!

You might also want to considerone of thesegorgeous nano tanks​.

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Six Top Rated Wall Mounted Fish Tanks to Buy in 2020 (2024)
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