Stars In His Eyes Chapter 248 Chapter 248: Suspected Pregnancy 5_1 - Chereads (2024)

"Taking a leave of absence from school is easy, and having a baby is just about carrying it for ten months, but what happens after the birth? Who's going to take care of the baby? I need to go to school, so are you going to do it? How are you going to do it, bring the baby to the army? Who is going to look after the baby? Or leave the baby at home for dad to take care of? Dad needs to work in the fields, he doesn't have the time to spare, and even without that, the work is hard enough, can you bear to burden him more?" He Zhilan was genuinely angry. If Mother He were still alive, she would feel more at ease leaving the child with her after taking a year off school to give birth – it would certainly be more relaxed with two people looking after the baby. And most importantly, a mother would have more experience.

Choked by He Zhilan's words, He Teng couldn't utter a word. Everything He Zhilan said was true – their father worked hard in the fields every day and it was indeed very tough. Moreover, when a child is very young, they need someone by their side every minute of the day, so leaving the baby with Father He was clearly impractical.

"It's all your fault, for not being careful!" He Zhilan was so angry she wanted to cry. If she has to abort the baby, she really wouldn't want to. After all, the baby is the flesh and blood of both her and He Teng. But asking her to give up her studies, that's something she won't do. It's her dream, a dream she's been pursuing through hard work!

He Teng had never been scolded like this before. But given the circ*mstances today, he could not resist He Zhilan's complaints. When it comes to thebaby, of course he wants it a hundred percent, after all, considering his age and in their village, most people his age already have children who are old enough to run errands!

Yet, he cannot insist on He Zhilan having the baby without considering her dreams and future. Considering the situation of the He Family, if He Zhilan has this baby, it means she can't continue her education. She would either have to return to their hometown to raise the child or follow him into the military, carry the baby to term in the army and then continue to live there.

He doesn't have a mother, which means He Zhilan doesn't have a mother-in-law to help her take care of the baby. Likewise, the child of He Zhilan doesn't have a grandmother to help with childcare, because He Zhilan herself didn't know where her parents are.

"Ah, it would be nice if a newborn could immediately be self-reliant!" He Zhilan sighed and pouted at He Teng.

"I'm sorry." He Teng muttered after a long silence, thus these three words were born out of it. It truly was his fault. "Since we're in the hospital and Doctor Bian hasn't gotten off work yet, have her take you for a check-up. Whether we want this baby or not, we should at least get your health checked out first."

He Zhilan nodded, "I'll go find Doctor Bian then. You stay here by yourself for a while. If anything happens, ring the bell for a nurse to come help you." Since it was the weekend and Zhilan was there, they didn't ask Mr. caregiver to stay. So she gave He Teng these instructions before leaving.

She arrived at a bad time. When she reached Bian Xiulin's office, Bian Xiulin wasn't there. After waiting for more than ten minutes, she finally saw Bian Xiulin coming towards the office, giving instructions to a few nurses as she walked.

Bian Xiulin was puzzled when she saw He Zhilan, drooping her head and looking sullen at her office door, "What happened? Why the long face? Did you have a fight with Captain He?"

He Zhilan shook her head, "We didn't fight." Then she took a look at the people with Bian Xiulin and asked, "Are you busy right now? Maybe I should come back later to find you?"

"It's okay. I'm just giving out some instructions and I'm almost done." Bian Xiulin said, signaling the nurses to go about their own business. She then led He Zhilan into the office, poured a cup of water for both of them, and while sipping her drink asked, "So, what's happened?"

Stars In His Eyes Chapter 248 Chapter 248: Suspected Pregnancy 5_1 - Chereads (2024)
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