When His Eyes Opened(Chapter 1086) (2024)

Chapter 1086

This press conference for countless media was broadcast live on the Internet simultaneously.

Henry is now determined to fight to the death with Elliot, so his emotions are particularly intense. He was at the scene and provided all kinds of evidence.

Including the DNA certificate, as well as the screenshot of the transfer from the mother to Elliot.

After providing all kinds of evidence, he turned to the camera with tears in his eyes: “Elliot deprived my brother of his life and founded Sterling Group with the money of our Foster family. Now my mother has passed away, I don’t know what happened to my brother and the driver back then. How did the child get replaced, but now the truth has come to the bottom. I don’t want to be hurt any more! Even if Elliot doesn’t want to pay back the money owed to our Foster family and my father’s life, he must come out and give an explanation!”

After the live broadcast was synchronized online, it was immediately spread in Aryadelle.

Elliot and Avery’s wedding was super talkative, and the blessing comments were instantly replaced by new content.

[Have you seen the live broadcast of Elliot’s brother Henry? The news is terrible! Come and see! Search Henry to see it.]

[Everyone, go watch the live broadcast! If you go later, the live broadcast may be blocked! After all, Elliot can cover the sky with only one hand in Aryadelle.]

[Aah! Can anyone summarize what his brother said on the live broadcast? I can’t watch the live broadcast at work.]

[Summary:1. Elliot is not the child of the Foster family, but the child of the driver of the Foster family. The civet cat has changed the prince. 2. When Elliot was a teenager, he personally killed Jaxson Foster, the head of the Foster family. 3. Elliot’s Sterling Group was founded with the Foster family’s money, but now Elliot is not willing to share the money with Henry. In the final analysis, there is a problem with the distribution of benefits. If Elliot was willing to give Henry a little more money, these scandals would not have been exposed. ]

[F*ck. Elliot turned out to be the driver’s child. It must be his father who replaced him with the real young master of the Foster family. His dad is so brave. No wonder Elliot doesn’t look like the rest of the Foster family.]

[Only I am curious, why did he kill Jaxson Foster? Murder is against the law. When he killed Jaxson Foster, he must not have known his true background, right?]

[Sure enough, those who can succeed are not ordinary people. Judging from the information exposed by Henry, Elliot is a very scary person! Avery married him today. I wonder if Avery knew these things about him.]

[Know what, they both have had children. Must be bound for life. Moreover, what if Elliot killed someone, and if he killed him when he was a minor, the law can’t do anything about him.]

[Although the law can’t do anything to him, it would be too sad if society can tolerate such a person to succeed! I hope the state can come forward to manage such bad public figures!]

[Elliot is not an entertainment star. He pays real taxes to the state every year. How do you think the state should manage him?]

[No matter what country you are in, murder is illegal! When he killed Jaxson Foster, can you imagine how helpless and desperate Jaxson Foster must be? Teenage boys, even if they are underage, can never be ignored!]

[I can not stand it any more! On behalf of myself, I would like to boycott Elliot from now on! He is a murderer! Even if he was underage at the time, this fact cannot be erased! Murderers should be cast aside forever!]

[Those who cleaned up Elliot, I hope you will never encounter a murderer in your life.]


Netizens are arguing fiercely on the Internet, while in the resort, there is peace and tranquility.

However, the calm is only an illusion.

After Tammy swiped her mobile phone and saw the news on the Internet, she immediately took the mobile phone and handed it to Avery.

“Avery, what’s wrong with Henry? Is he sick? Why did he spread rumors about Elliot?” Tammy said angrily, “It’s too outrageous! He even said that Elliot was not his own brother, and that Elliot was their driver.”

After Avery saw the news on the Internet, she immediately returned the phone to Tammy, then stood up with her skirt, ready to find Elliot.

Tammy immediately followed her, “Avery! Where are you going? Are you looking for Elliot? Just call him, it’s too inconvenient for you to go out like this!”

Tammy pulled her arm tightly.

“Tammy, ​​what Henry said is true. I’m afraid Elliot can’t stand it! I have to find him!” Avery pushed Tammy’s hand away and continued to walk outside.

When His Eyes Opened(Chapter 1086) (2024)
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