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IPL9000 E Light Flux Photoepilation System Review

The IPL9000 E Light Flux photoepilation system is a high-end system designed for serious users. And it uses a hair removal system unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Although it’s an IPL system, it uses neither a laser, nor a bulb. We’ll get to the logistics in just a minute. First, take a look at this system’s really impressive specs.

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Features & Specs

  • Ultra High Intensity Light Emitting Diode emits 5 million pulses
  • 10mm spot size
  • IPL: High Output CW Diode
  • includes IPL driver unit, ideal module, protective eyewear, 50 mL 3.5% lidocaine pre-treatment gel, 50 mL carbon dye gel, 50 mL anti-androgen post-treatment gel, instructions and tweezers
  • Designed for professional use
  • Can be used for hair removal, tattoo fading, dermatological treatment and skin conditioning

IPL9000 E Light Flux Photoepilation System Review

The IPL9000 E Light Flux is a revolutionary hair removal system that combines elements from intense pulse light system and traditional diode lasers. Unlike other systems, this one uses high intensity LED and RF power to achieve results. It doesn’t use bulbs, and it doesn’t use lasers. Instead, it uses send Ultra High Intensity LED.

What’s so special about an Ultra High Intensity LED? For one thing, it’s capable of delivering more than 5 million pulses, which equates to about seven years of daily use in a typical salon. For at-home use, you’ll probably get closer to 10 years. That’s really impressive, and explains the high price tag that comes along with this system.

Sale Price:$0.00
When all is said and done, the IPL9000 E Light Flux is probably more affordable than most of the models on the market when you consider the number of replacement cartridges you’ll have to buy.

The IPL9000 E Light Flux boasts a 10 mm spot size, and is ideal for contouring eyebrows, removing facial hair and so much more. You can even use this for tattoo fading, skin conditioning and dermatological treatments.

The kit comes with everything that you need to get started, including all of the gels, instructions and tweezers.

Speaking of the gels, you’ll need to apply three different types: lidocaine pre-treatment, anti-androgen post treatment, and carbon dye.

Protective eyewear is also included, so you can use this system safely.


  • Ultra High Density LED is long-lasting – 5+ million pulses
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Highly versatile
  • Delivers professional, salon-quality results


  • Not as user-friendly as other models
We do want to note that this system isn’t as user-friendly as some of the other at-home systems you’ll find on the market. It does not have contact sensors, nor does it have skin sensors. This means that you’ll need to use this system carefully and ensure that you’re using it on the proper skin type. That said, instructions are included to help guide you through the process.

The IPL9000 E Light Flux is a hair removal system for serious users with a larger budget, or salons. This high-end device delivers great results, but does require more user input and knowledge to use it safely and properly. We recommend this model for users who have lots of experience with hair removal devices.

Ge the IPL9000 E Light Flux today and enjoy years of easy, at-home hair removal.

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