How to level up fast in Blox Fruits (2024)

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If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options in the game, then ourBlox Fruits level guideis here to help. This is one of the most popular Roblox games out there, with hundreds of thousands of players at any given time. If you want to have a crack at becoming king of the pirates, then this Blox Fruit level guide will help you on your journey.

Your first step should be to redeem any currently active Blox Fruits codes that have been released. These can give you valuable freebies like gems, stat resets, and rebirths. Once you’ve done that, there are plenty of other things to keep in mind to help you level up faster in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits level guide

Tip 1 – Complete Quests

The best way to earn XP in Blox Fruits is to complete as many of the quests as you can. New content is released regularly, so you should have no shortage of quests. These can be activated on almost any island by approaching an NPC with a Question Mark above their head. Simply follow the information they give you and follow the quest marker that becomes active. Even smaller quests can provide great experience points, especially if you have a 2x XP Boost active at the time.

How to level up fast in Blox Fruits (3)

Tip 2 – Stick to islands in your level range

Another benefit of completing quests in Blox Fruits is that they’ll send you to new islands, which can unlock new quests, devil fruits, and help you level up faster. However, new islands also have enemies that might be too strong for you to fight. Each island has suggested level requirements to keep in mind. You can certainly visit them before you reach that level, but you’ll probably struggle to complete any of the quests there. Likewise, staying in one place too long won’t help you level up fast in Blox Fruits.

Here are the different islands in Blox Fruits and their suggested levels:

The First Sea

  • Starter Pirate Island: 0-10 Level
  • Starter Marine Island: 0-10 Level
  • Jungle: 15-30 Level
  • Pirate Village: 30-60 Level
  • Desert: 60-90 Level
  • Frozen Village: 90-120 Level
  • Middle Island: 100 Level
  • Marine Fortress: 120-150 Level
  • Skylands: 150-200 Level
  • Prison: 190-275 Level
  • Colosseum: 225-300 Level
  • Magma Village: 300 Level
  • Underwater City: 375-450 Level
  • Fountain City: 625-700 Level

The Second Sea

  • The Cafe: Safe zone
  • Usoap’s Island: 700 Level
  • Kingdom of Rose: 700-850 Level
  • Green Zone: 875-925 Level
  • Graveyard: 950-975 Level
  • Mansion: 1000 Level
  • Dark Arena: 1000 Level
  • Snow Mountain:1000-1050 Level
  • Cursed Ship: 1000-1325 Level
  • Hot and Cold: 1100-1200 Level
  • Ice Castle: 1350-1400 Level
  • Forgotten Island: 1425-1475 Level

The Third Sea

  • Castle on the Sea:Safe zone
  • Port Town: 1500-1575 Level
  • Hydra Island: 1575-1675 Level
  • Great Tree: 1700-1750 Level
  • Floating Turtle: 1775-2000 Level
  • Haunted Castle: 1975-2075 Level
  • Sea of Treats: 2075-2275 Level

Tip 3 – Fight Bosses

As you might expect, boss fights reward you with a lot of experience points, so they are vital to any Blox Fruits level guide. Beating a boss will get you a huge chunk of experience and might even reward you with rare items or new powers.

Bosses can be found in each sea. Here are where to find each boss and what level you should be before taking them on.

First Sea Bosses

  • Gorilla King: Level 25
  • Bobby: Level 55
  • Yeti: Level 110
  • Mob Leader: Level 120
  • Vice Admiral: Level 130
  • Warden: Level 175
  • Saber Expert: Level 200
  • Chief Warden: Level 200
  • Swan: Level 225
  • Magma Admiral: Level 350
  • Fishman Lord: Level 425
  • Wysper: Level 500
  • Thunder God: Level 575
  • Cyborg: Level 675
  • Ice Admiral: Level 700

Second Sea Bosses

  • Diamond: Level 750
  • Jeremy: Level 850
  • Fajita: Level 925
  • Don Swan: Level 1000
  • Smoke Admiral: Level 1150
  • Awakened Ice Admiral: Level 1400
  • Tide Keeper: Level 1475

Third Sea Bosses

  • Stone: Level 1550
  • Island Empress: Level 1675
  • Kilo Admiral: Level 1750
  • Captain Elephant: Level 1875
  • Beautiful Pirate: Level 1950
  • Longma: Level 2000
  • Cake Queen: Level 2175

In addition to these, there are several raids that you can take part in to help you gain more experience. You’ll tackle these tricky bosses with a group of other pirates or marines, so don’t try tackling them on your own.


  • The Saw: Level 100
  • Greybeard: Level 750
  • Dark Beard: Level 1000
  • Order: Level 1250
  • Cursed Captain: Level 1325
  • Soul Reaper: Level 2100
  • Cake Prince: Level 2300
  • Dough King: Level 2300
  • Sea Beast: Level 2300

Other tips

So long as you’re moving to new locations when you level out of them and attacking the bosses that are appropriate for your level, you should steadily gain levels in Blox Fruits. There are a couple of small things to keep in mind:

  • Switch to Awakened Buddha before tackling the Second Sea:While Elemental attacks will keep you leveling up quickly in First Sea, by the time you’re in Second Sea you’ll need Awakened Buddha to provide better range and power to your attacks. Check out our Blox Fruits Tier List for the best devil fruits to use.
  • Utilise your Stat Resets when you can:When you start out, you will probably make some mistakes while allocating your stats. Use the Stat Resets provided in the codes and through items in Blox Fruits so you can optimise your character as best you can. You should also consider rerolling for one of the more powerful Blox Fruits races if you’re having trouble levelling fast enough.
  • Save your money:You’ll be tempted to drop lots of money when you first start playing Blox Fruits, but you are best off sticking to low-cost devil fruits until you can afford some of the strongest powers in the game. Human Buddha is a good choice for early islands until you can afford the top-tier fruits.

With the above tips in mind, you’ll level up in no time at all. For more on Roblox, check out our list of the best Roblox games and grab the latest Shindo Life codes to a selection of freebies.

How to level up fast in Blox Fruits (2024)
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