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In the challenging universe of Blox Fruits, the Gravity Fruit holds a prominent place. Being one of the mythical and more affordable fruits in the game (according to Update 19), it presents itself as an intriguing option for players looking to maximize their in-game experience. Despite its redesign in Update 17.3, many players still question its viability in PvP or PvE battles. But is this skepticism justified? In this article, we will explore the Gravity Fruit in-depth.


What does the Gravity Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Wiki, Abilities & Combos



Description Mastery
Gravity PushGravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (1)

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2)

The player accumulates energy in a flaming strike and throws it forward to execute a powerful medium-range attack, causing strong knockback. It is similar to the Z move called Gravity. As the move progresses, its range increases.1
Gravity ReverenceGravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (3)

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (4)

The character summons an aura of blue and yellow flames that allows them to restore their health in a specific area (it can also heal allies within that radius). However, this ability quickly consumes their energy.25
Meteor LaunchGravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (5)

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (6)

The character pulls back their leg and propels themselves forward, executing a swift kick in the direction they are facing. This move has one of the shortest cooldown times among its uses.50
Meteor RainGravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (7)

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (8)

The character undergoes a complete metamorphosis, taking on the form of a blue and yellow-toned Phoenix. During this transformation, approximately 10 units of energy are consumed every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, a roughly 15% increase in defensive capability is obtained. The only moves that deplete energy during this transformation are Transformation Flames and Regeneration abilities.100
Rock FlightGravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (9)

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (10)

This ability allows the user to navigate in a hybrid flight state, without consuming energy, as long as the player keeps the F key or the direction button on the Xbox controller pressed. During this state, the character acquires fire-yellow wings with blue outlines.10

Gravity Fruit Rework Showcase with Awakening

How to get Gravity Fruit on Blox Fruits? Cost & Trade Value

The Gravity Fruit, a mythical fruit of the natural type, is a rare phenomenon within the game, with a cost of $2,500,000, or 2,300 Robux.

How rare is Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Its rarity is evident, as it only has a 1.70% chance of appearing in each stock and a 1.60% chance of spawning in the game every hour.

Is Gravity a Good Fruit in blox fruits?

Acceptable damage.Very limited in aerial combat.
Gravity Reverence has a wide stun and extensive range, making it ideal for farming or raiding.Fast fruit or agile sword users (such as Light, Portal, etc.) cannot be reached.
Gravity Push has a wide radius and can be used as a control tool.It is generally difficult to grind due to the recoil it generates and not being an elemental fruit.
Meteor Rain is easy to connect when fighting in tight spaces.Gravity has extremely slow projectile abilities, making it easier for your opponent to dodge your attacks. Try to anticipate where they are heading to increase your chances of hitting them (similar to Rumble).
All Gravity moves break Instinct.Gravity Reverence has poor vertical reach, startup time, and horizontal spread.
All moves have a large area of impact, especially the V move.Gravity Reverence’s stun is very low, allowing the enemy to quickly walk away once you finish holding them.
It is suitable for those who prefer the main sword, as all moves interrupt Ken and the X move is effective for stunning.Rock Flight can only be used when standing on an object and is quite slow.
Prior to Update 17.3, the V move could not be directed and used to randomly hit, but in version 17.3, Gravity was modified to allow you to aim where you want your meteors to land.Some moves are extremely predictable and can be easily punished (except Gravity Push and Meteor Rain).
The X move can work in mid-air.It is less effective in water, as Meteor Launch and Meteor Rain only work on solid ground.
It has a massive area of effect, making Gravity effective for grinding.Not recommended for beginners as its attacks require a high level of mastery.
Although not completely useless, this fruit does not have good trading value. It is often used to balance value differences.

Is Gravity good for Grinding Blox Fruits?

Gravity Fruit is considered a potent choice for grinding in Blox Fruits thanks to its area of effect attacks and the ability to control crowds of enemies, making it highly efficient for leveling up and farming resources.

Is Gravity better than Buddha?

The debate between Gravity and Buddha Fruits depends on the player’s strategy. Gravity offers powerful offensive abilities and control, while Buddha provides durability and area damage. The choice should align with your gameplay style and the roles you wish to fulfill in combat.

Is there awakened Gravity in Blox Fruits?

Yes, Blox Fruits features an awakened version of the Gravity Fruit, which enhances its abilities significantly, offering players new and more powerful ways to utilize gravity-based attacks in their gameplay.

Is Phoenix worth more than gravity?

Phoenix and Gravity Fruits both have high value, with Phoenix offering regeneration and flight, while Gravity provides strong control and damage. The worth can be subjective and varies based on player needs and the current market demand in Blox Fruits.

What is Gravity worth in Blox Fruits Trading?

In Blox Fruits trading, Gravity Fruit is highly sought after for its combat abilities. Its worth in trades is generally high and can fetch valuable items or other fruits in exchange, depending on market conditions and player demand.

Synergies and Recommended Strategies for the Gravity Fruit

At first glance, the Gravity Fruit stands out for its physical form animation, a feature it shares with other fruits like Gum, Spider, Phoenix, Portal, Mass, Venom, Control, Spirit, Dragon, and Leopard. But what truly defines the Gravity Fruit are its unique abilities.

The player can control the landing of meteors in Meteor Rain, allowing them to adopt patterns in a straight line, in a circle, or in a scattered pattern. This control gives players a powerful and versatile tool for combat and strategy. Additionally, its Z move, when aimed upwards, can make mobs fly in the air for a short time, adding an extra layer of tactics and surprise to confrontations.

Changes and Updates to the Gravity Fruit

Associated with the Gravity Fruit is the Gravity Cane sword, which complements the fruit’s abilities and amplifies the player’s capabilities in the game. In fact, the ability to control the landing of meteors in Meteor Rain was extended to mobile devices in an unknown update, allowing mobile players to fully take advantage of this fruit.

In conclusion, the Gravity Fruit is an intriguing choice for Blox Fruits players. Despite the criticism it has received, it offers a unique set of abilities and tactics that can turn the tide of any battle if used correctly. As you explore the world of Blox Fruits, it is worth considering acquiring the Gravity Fruit, a mythical and underrated gem in this fascinating gaming universe.

Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (11)

Guide on the Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Gravity Fruit has an interesting legacy in the game, especially in relation to Fajita, a Lv. 925 Boss. Fajita uses the inherited version of the Gravity Fruit and is known for using only the Gravity Push and Meteor Rain moves. These abilities are emblematic of the fruit’s versatility and potential.

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Gravity Fruit in Blox Fruits | Showcase & Wiki [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2024)
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