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Can you get laser hair removal over a tattoo?

In recent years, laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic treatment for many women. Women that are tired of employing methods like shaving, tweezing or waxing to rid their body of unwanted hair have turned to this option because it provides many benefits that you do not get with the traditional hair removal tools.

The primary advantage to laser hair removal is that it can eventually result in a permanent solution. After about three sessions, it is very likely that the hair will not grow back. In addition to that, it removes the hair at the root and this means it offers smooth skin along with the less hair.

While laser hair removal does offer a great option for ridding the face and body of unwanted hair, there are some issues and concerns that women need to be aware of. If you are considering the use of laser hair removal, one of the things that you need to know about is how the lasers can affect skin that has been tattooed.

laser hair removal over a tattoo

If you are wondering whether laser hair removal can be applied to tattooed skin, the short answer is no. To understand why LHR cannot be used on tattooed skin, you have to understand how the treatment works.

With a laser hair removal device, the laser does not target the actual hair, but rather the pigment in the hair. This is why the procedure is less likely to work for women that have light hair. If the skin is tattooed, then the laser is also going to attack the pigment of the tattoo. When it hits the pigment in the tattoo, it could cause severe burns and even blistering. Not only will the tattoo be ruined, but it will also result in a considerable amount of pain.

This targeting of the pigments is also why women with tan or dark skin need to receive treatment from machines that use a special type of laser system that can differentiate between hair pigment and skin pigment. The lasers attack the pigment in the skin and this leads to burns and blistering. If you go to a treatment center, they are likely to deny treatment for tattooed areas or for women that have tan or darker skin. If you are using a home device, it might have a chart to indicate skin tones that it is safe for use on or it could come with a testing device that measures the level of skin pigmentation.

All of this being said, having tattoos does not automatically exclude a women from using laser hair removal. You can still receive treatment on areas of the skin where there is no tattooing and you could even receive treatment around the tattoo by covering it with a template. As long as your skin around the tattoo is light, then the laser hair removal will be completely safe for use around the tattoo. You just want to make sure that the tattoo is completely covered and protected from the laser.

If you are concerned about the safety of laser hair removal for your skin type or regarding its use around a tattoo, you can consult with a physician before you receive treatment

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