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BabyAnne Laser Hair Removal Device Review

BabyAnne’s 3-in-1 hair removal device is one of the most robust IPL hair removal epilators I’ve ever used, and this small device is versatile, too. When you choose this model, you’ll receive three different “heads”:

  • Epilation
  • Remove acne
  • Photorejuvenation

All of these heads are easily changed out, and more importantly – they work. We had the pleasure of reviewing the BabyAnne laser hair removal device, and we found that it worked just as good, or better, than what we expected.

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BabyAnne Laser Hair Removal Device Features

  • Reduces hair growth by 80% in 8 weeks
  • Offers 3 heads (epilation, remove acne and photorejuvenation)
  • 5 light energy settings
  • Plugs into the wall for extended usage

BabyAnne Laser Hair Removal Device Review

What we really loved about the BabyAnne is that it is so versatile. Not only can you noticeably reduce your hair within eight weeks, but you can also use this model to treat acne, which is a major bonus.

And there aren’t any confusing settings to worry about: just five light settings.

You can use the BabyAnne all over your body:

  • Face
  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Stomach

And it’s very fast. You can do a quick session on your face in one minute, your bikini area in four minutes and an entire leg in fifteen minutes.

When you use the BabyAnne, you’ll want to use the recommended phase approach:

  • Stage 1: Use this epilator twice a week for three weeks straight.
  • Stage 2: Use once a week for two weeks.
  • Stage 3: Use once every two weeks.

You’ll really begin to notice a reduction in hair by stage three. BabyAnne claims an 80% reduction in hair, and this seems to be spot on with the results that we personally experienced.

What we really commend the manufacturer on is the fact that this is a pain-free device – we didn’t feel any pain during usage.

This is the same technology used in high-end salons, and safety glasses are provided, so you can protect your eyes from damaging flashes. What we do want to mention is that you can keep it connected into the wall, or you can use the battery to use it with complete freedom. We chose to use it while plugged into the wall so that it was always fully charged.

While we used the epilator most – with great success – we did try the acne head, too. Removing acne was effortless with the acne flash that seemed to reduce redness and the appearance of outbreaks within one to two days.


  • Fast, efficient and easy to use
  • Offers three different flash heads
  • Provides 5 light intensities
  • No replacement cartridges required


  • No clear direction on light intensities

The only complaint we have, and believe me it’s small, is that there is no clear explanation of the light intensities offered with the BabyAnne. When you choose a higher light intensity. It will be strong and provide more “heat.”

We recommend starting at the third setting and adjusting from there.

As far as results, you’ll notice a major reduction in hair volume and thickness. Results take 6 weeks to really notice a substantial reduction in hair, and you’ll reach peak levels around the three-month mark.

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