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Braun SE7681 Review

The Braun SE7681 is a wet and dry epilator designed for the utmost comfort when removing hairs. Made by Braun, this model utilizes 40 tweezers to eliminate unwanted hair flawlessly while removing even short hairs without much fuss in the process.

Sale Price:$150.50

And you’ll be able to enjoy smooth, hairless skin for up to four weeks, according to our own Braun SE7681 review and testing.

Unlike other models on the market, there are five attachments included, which makes this a 5-in-1 model that can be used for a variety of different circumstances (more on that soon). Let’s take a look at what we liked and didn’t like about this model.


  • Pivoting head moves 15 degrees to allow for backward and forward epilation.
  • Two speeds allow you to tackle large surfaces (fast) and sensitive surfaces (soft).
  • Built-in light allows you to see stubborn hairs with ease.
  • Can be immersed in water (really).


  • Hair removal is painful (more on that next).
I want to be honest – hair removal with this epilator is rather painful. This is caused by the intense speed of this model. You’ll have your hairs tweezed at lightning speed, and as a result, you’ll feel pinches as the hairs are removed in quick succession.

My Review of the Braun SE7681

Remember when I mentioned all of the accessories earlier? Well, they make using this epilator a lot easier. You’ll have access to several different accessories:

  • Trimmer cap
  • Shaver head
  • Sensitive area cap
  • Facial cap
  • Efficiency cap

When you put this model to work, you’ll choose between two speeds: soft (1) and fast (2). The off position is (0). The fast speeds are meant for less sensitive areas, while the soft speed is meant for those sensitive bits – hello bikini area.

A pivoting head allows for 15-degree movement for quick and easily hair removal in the back and forward position.

Sale Price:$150.50

There are 40 tweezers with a close-grip design that allow for hairs as short as 0.5 mm to be removed. And if you’re like me, you’re used to standing with a light placed over you trying to squint to see small hairs that you’ve missed. Put that light away once and for all. A smartlight is included that allows you to see the finest hairs so that you never miss them.

Charging takes one hour, and this model can be used for 40 minutes before needing a recharge.

Wet and dry functions allow you to use your epilator in the shower with a little warm water and soap for a more comfortable experience. But you can also use this model with a little baby powder outside of the shower if you please (I recommend in-shower usage, personally).

Braun SE7681 Features

  • 2 epilation speeds
  • 5 accessories included
  • Pivoting heads
  • Wet & dry usage
  • Built-in light
  • 40 close-grip tweezers

The Braun SE7681 works to tweeze your hairs – even those pesky fine hairs that you can barely see – quickly. While the pain level may be a little high, you’ll enjoy this epilator leaving you hairless for 4 weeks or more at a time. And let’s be honest, waxing is multitudes more painful than tweezing.

With the ability to use this model in the bathtub, it’s one of the most convenient epilators on the market.

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