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Remington IPL6000USA Review

Remington, known for their hair products, is the manufacturer of the Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro. An at-home, laser hair removal device, the i-Light is affordable, small, easy to use and highly effective.

This model has also been cleared by the FDA and clinically proven to provide hair reduction.

Utilizing 5 energy levels, a skin tone sensor and contact sensors, this is one of the most advanced hair removal options on the market, and results last for 6 months.

Sale Price:$269.99

IPL6000USA Features

  • FDA cleared
  • ProPulse technology
  • Results last 6 months
  • Built-in skin tone sensor
  • Built-in skin contact sensors
  • 5 energy levels

Remington IPL6000USA Review

The moment you plug in your Remington, you’ll notice that it has different light settings and is easy to operate.

Every skin tone is different, and the way lasers work to reduce hair is to target the hair follicles themselves. Skin color is important because the laser will target the dark pigments of the hair. If your skin is darker or tan, the light will absorb into the skin instead of the hair.

Using a patented technology, the i-Light Pro will scan your skin to determine your skin tone and adjust the level of intensity based on your skin tone. Sensors are used to ensure that the skin is never burned accidently because of contact with the skin during treatment.

While not promising permanent results, you will experience hair removal that lasts up to 6 months before further treatment is needed. Cartridges are used to produce the high intensity pulses of light, with 1,500 flashes within 1 cartridge. You can perform 2 – 3 full body treatments with just one cartridge.

Gentle on the skin, you’ll be able to use the i-Light Pro on your:

  • Underarms
  • Biking line
  • Sensitive areas

Clinically proven to work, after your initial treatments, you only need to perform treatments as needed, and results last up to 6 months at a time. After just 3 treatments, users experienced 48% fewer hairs after 6 months.

Sale Price:$269.99

Professional hair removal methods have the same results for 5 times the price. And, that’s just after 3 treatments. You’ll want to perform 6 – 8 treatments to experience the full effects of hair removal.

One thing I wanted to note is that you need to give it time for the current hair to fall out. Normally, hair won’t fully fall out for 1 – 2 months after the treatment – so give it time. Many users state that after their initial 3 treatments, they’ll use the device once a month to keep the hair away for good.


  • Skin tone detection
  • Skin contact sensors
  • 5 light power levels


  • IPL cartridge defective

Some users complained about the IPL cartridge becoming defective or not lasting for the 1,500 pulses as advertised. This requires you to purchase a new cartridge, and is a minor inconvenience.

During my Remington IPL6000USA review, I experienced a longer time for the hair reduction to be seen. It took 1 – 2 months, but afterwards, I was satisfied with the results. Highly effective and easy to use, continual use with spot treatments work best when using the i-Light. For more laser hair removal reviews click here.

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